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Meet Jordin, a wedding stationary designer! Hi Jordin! Why don’t you introduce yourself! Hello 🙂 My name is Jordin – I am a wife, designer, dog mom and business owner! Your business name is so unique, can you tell us what meaning it holds for you? Unica Forma means unique form 🙂 I had no […]

Blog Guest: Jordin with Unica Forma

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You’re knee deep in planning the most beautiful, magical, love-filled day of your life. And you don’t want to miss a thing, am I right? Girl, I’ve been there. I’ve planned my own wedding, I’ve been right where you are right now. Fear no more, I’ve got a list of things that I wished people […]

5 Things That Are Easily Missed During Wedding Planning

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You’re married. Woohoo! Now you’ve got hundred of images from the most gorgeous day, that represent you and your love, and you have no idea what to do with them! Needing some help? Don’t want the SUPER cheesy ideas of just simply printing them on a $4 coffee mug? I’ve got you girl. Here are my top […]

10 Ways to Display Your Wedding Images Around Your House


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