Each proposal session includes

- Location scouting to find the perfect spot (if you haven't already!)

- Planning out logistics of where I will hide (if we're going that route!) or what 'prompt' we are going to use to signal the big moment is about to happen!

- Photographing the actual proposal

- 15 minute 'mini' engagement session

- online digital gallery


*Additional Proposal coverage can be purchased in 3o-minute increments at $75 per 30-minute increment

Ahhh! You're getting ready to ask one of the biggest, most life changing questions, and hear a big fat 'YES!' afterwards!! It's time to freakin' party but life is about to get real wild. I so strongly believe that having your proposal photographed is so important. It happens so quick and you're so nervous you might forget all the little details. Having photographs ensures you can look back at this big moment and remember it twenty years from now.

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